Refund Policy

Car Coachers is committed to client satisfaction. We pride ourselves on listening to our clients and making recommendations based on their unique needs.

Coach Nick and Coach Mark are your experts and partners in the car buying journey. We use the information you provide to us to deliver the services you’ve purchased.

If you run into any challenges, please let us know.

Regrettably, we are unable to offer refunds on our consulting and coaching services.

As coaches, we know sometimes finding the right vehicle and qualifying for financing is tough. Credit report errors, securing down payments, or locating qualified cosigners can take time.

Rest assured, we’ve seen it all and are here to help.

If you are unable to qualify for financing using the dealership, lenders you find, and/or we suggest, save copies of the denial letters or dealerships and contact us.

As long as you make a good faith effort to secure financing at 2 lenders or dealerships we will provide an additional consultation within 90 calendar days.

Heck, we’ll even help review the paperwork the dealership or financing companies provide to help you identify areas to increase your chances of approval in the future.